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    In a two page, typed, double-spaced essay, respond to one of the following questions.  Your response must be based on research you carry out in the field.  Please use a commonly used font such as Times New Roman or Calibri (12 point).  Your essay should consist of two full pages.  Although you will be relying mainly on primary data to write your paper, any references should be properly cited (including your textbook).  Use the Chicago Manual of Style citation format.  Heres a guide that you might find useful:

    1. Sociolinguists have studied the way that speech patterns differ between American men and American women.  Go through emails and/or text messages from your male and female friends and family members to see if there are comparable differences in electronic communication styles.  Do you notice differences between the genders regarding what sociolinguist Deborah Tannen calls rapport (building social connection) and report (reciting information)?  How about differences in kinds of words used, length and completeness of sentences, and typography?  Does the use of emoticons/emojis vary (joking or serious, reassuring or negative) and in number?  Describe your findings, using concrete examples to illustrate any generalizations you make regarding the genders different linguistic styles.

    2. For a day or two, pay close attention to how you speak in different situations.  Jot down notes.  In your essay, give detailed examples (at least two) of code switching.  Which of the ways you speak have more symbolic capital than the others?  Why do you think this is the case?

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