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    Reply to following discussion on(what you have learned in this class, how will you apply this class to your daily life and degree, and how would you improve this class.  Responses should be a minimum of 200 words and include direct questions.

    1. his class really surprised and scared me.  The math was the scary part for sure, I knew we were going to have math but I was not prepared for the type of math.  Knowing that I am not really good at math and when seeing the first assignment I was freaked out.  But after getting through the first math assignment and with help from the professor it was not that bad.  The one topic that surprised me the most was visual impact and how much it was taken into account within the transportation field.  I knew that developers considered the surrounding area when starting new developments but I did not know how much consideration was taken.  When writing our group paper it was interesting to learn how architects considered all the visual impact of each little detail.  The one thing that I did not think would go well but which went great were our group projects.  This was the first time I had ever done group work online and I had no clue how it was going to go.  My group was just wonderful and we worked together really well which made the process so simple.  I do not have any complaints about the class it was interesting and challenging which made it perfect for me.  I do not think any changes need to be made. 
    The prediction from the video I believe came true and still holds to this day is that the global imbalances would worsen.  There were an enormous amount of mistakes made that lead up to the global economic and financial crisis.  This crisis showed the world how really connected we all are as a world, and that if one country falters others could follow.  Global imbalances have had an important causal role not at the international level, in the form of currency recycling, but at the domestic level, in the form of credit recycling to the agents spending more than their income, who are the other end of the external deficit. The breakdown occurred in the credit recycling mechanism (Wade, 2009).  This is how the crisis was created and knowing that; we still continue to operate in the same manner.  Yes, new regulations and principles have been put in place but the root of the problem still lingers credit recycling within governments and the public sector continue to be a problem.

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