Any topic (writer’s choice)

    Read the uploaded post, then choose something concrete or specific topic (a person, term, historical event, or cultural practice) in the text and research it. Find another source on the web that helps you better understand your term/topic; choose one that you find particularly useful, interesting, insightful, and/or controversial. News stories are ok, but try to get something more specific than a Wikipedia article. If your source includes opinion (like an op-ed column or blog post), it should be from a person who has expertise or unique experience in that field. Read the entire source and share it with the class under the appropriate research post on Slack. Post an MLA-style bibliographic entry for the source (you can find help here), and include a link to the article. After that, provide an annotation for the article a 100-150 word paragraph that does three things: 1) summarizes the article, 2) includes a useful quote from the article with context, and 3) explains the relevance of the source to our class reading.

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