Any topic (writer’s choice)

    This is a video assignment. What you need do is writing part.

    You need go through carefully with the instruction. There are 110 topic at the end of instruction file. You need choose one from them.
    Don’t choose complicate topic, choose a simple and interesting one.

    The writing outline is in the instruction file also, you need totally follow that. (The video presentation should include the following)

    An ethical analysis related to the selected topic This component must feature
    no more than THREE ethical concepts and/or theories that were covered in
    weeks 2 and 3 of this course.

    I upload all the martial from week 2 and week 3 also. Go through that and find out the ethical concepts and/or theories that covered. You cannot write other ethical concepts and/or theories except in week 2 and 3.

    These ethical frameworks should be briefly
    defined and applied to some aspect of the selected topic. For example, this
    could be a hypothetical scenario or news story either past or present that is
    related to the selected topic which is then subject to ethical analysis.
    An understanding of the meaning and application of the ethical concepts used
    in context should be made clear. Your aim is to discuss right versus wrong
    about something concerning your selected topic and this analysis must be
    supported using ethical frameworks.

    However, you MUST NOT use this component of the video to only provide a tutorial overview of ethical concepts. These ethical concepts must primarily be applied to your selected topic. For example, DO NOT just explain Kantian ethics in detail, briefly define the essence of this framework in your own words and use it to evaluate right from wrong within the context of your selected topic in some manner

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