Any topic (writer’s choice)

    How to analyse these questions:
    First you have to know there are three schools of thought you need to keep in mind when answering these questions: Realism, liberalism, constructivism
    Second thing you have to know is:
    Kenneth Waltz gave these three levels of analysis and you have to know them to answer these questions:
    1. Individual level analysis
    2. State level analysis
    3. System level analysis

    Answer these 3 questions using the information above when relevant

    A. New power generation: the world leaders of tomorrow
    o Every politician talks of building a better tomorrow. To what extent do you think
    policymakers individual attributes and motives can still (and will) influence foreign policy?
    100 points

    o Comparing the different schools in political science, what are the factors you think will
    shape the new horizon of political leaders? Will they be more realist or idealist? Is the
    rational model of decision making still valid?

    100 points

    B. The national interest: its strategic dimension and implementation in foreign policy
    o What is the national interest? And is it still a useful concept for explaining the foreign policy
    of a country?

    100 points

    o How does realism understand the concept of national interest?

    100 points

    C. Perspectives after the COVID-19
    o Considering the different perspectives and approaches we discussed in class, where, if
    anywhere, do you think a major change will happen in the international system? Is this
    pandemic likely to foster international cooperation, or will it promote disintegrative
    tendencies within the global system?

    100 points
    o On a state-level analysis, do you think that COVID-19 is a geopolitical game-changer?

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