Any topic (writer’s choice)

    In this research essay, students will choose one topic from the following three options to write about texts from Day 6 onward:
    1.  Choose a historical event and compare/contrast how two authors address the event differently.
    Options could include:
    a.  World War I
    b.  The Harlem Renaissance
    c.  The Irish Easter Uprising
    d.  The Holocaust

    2.  Choose one of the following themes and compare/contrast two writers literary methods and understanding of that theme:
    a.  Religion
    b.  Death
    c.  Beauty
    d.  Race

    3.  Choose two authors and make an argument for why it is important that those authors be read today. Be sure to cite specific examples from the authors work and identify particularly social issues or situations the writers work speaks to us in 2020. In other words, how can these writers be helpful to us in 2020?

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