Any topic (writer’s choice)

    , Id like you to write 600-900 words analyzing what the meaning/message of the film might be, and how the film goes about demonstrating its point. Be sure to only include summary that you can specifically tie into the larger point about the film that you are making in your paper. Be sure to clearly lay out your claim and your evidence in your thesis statement.
    You may include quotes from the review we read of the film in your essay, but be sure to use MLA format in-text citations to properly cite the author. Since its an online article, that means all you have to do is write the authors name in parenthesis after the quote, like this: (Laurier)
    I will not require a Works Cited page for this assignment.
    In your conclusion, you may discuss if/how you think this film reflects issues in the world today, either through something youve read in the news

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