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    Like many states, Nevada elects its judges, whereas federal court judges are appointed.

    Essay Topic:
    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of electing judges, appointing judges, and the Missouri or merit plan.

    As you write an essay on the previous topic, you must consider all of the following…
    Describe the Nevada’s process of electing judges.
    Discuss the federal judicial process of appointing judges, whereby federal judges are nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and serve for life.
    Evaluate the 2010 Nevada ballot initiative that would have implemented a merit plan.
    In 2010 Nevada voters failed to support a ballot initiative that would have amended the Nevada Constitution to create a merit-based judicial selection process. When any vacancy occurs, the Commission on Judicial Selection would nominate a list of candidates based on their experience and qualifications and provide the nominees names to the Governor and the public. The Governor would then appoint one of the nominees. After serving an initial term, a retention election would be held to allow the voters to decide if the judge should continue to serve.
    Click on the webpage of the 2010 ballot initiative.  Once the web page opens, click on “Ballot Question No. 1” toward the top of the page to read the arguments for and against it.
    Overall, which process of selecting judges has the most advantages relative to disadvantages and should be the Nevada process? Why?
    Develop the narrative as an objective descriptive essay with persuasive elements.  You should not be simply answering questions.  You will be penalized for writing the essay as though it was only question and answer.  It should be a full descriptive essay that should have an intro paragraph, a couple body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph..

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