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    One of the biggest differences between the constitutions of Nevada and the United States is that Nevada allows for direct democracy where the voters can propose their own laws and amendments, nullify legislative actions, and recall elected officials. Critics of the process contend that it is another way for interests groups and those with lots of resources to further influence the policy making process.

    Essay Topic:
    Analyze and critique the features and processes of direct democracy in Nevada and for the national government.

    As you write an essay on the previous topic, you must consider all of the following…
    What are the pros and cons of direct democracy? What are the pros and cons of the initiative, referendum, and recall? Be sure to address how the process has been used in Nevada.
    In regards to direct democracy in Nevada, what is and should be the role of Nevada courts?
    Would the same aspects of direct democracy work on the federal level and help to bypass partisan gridlock on some issues? Why or why not? What would be the role of the federal court system and the Supreme Court if aspects of direct democracy were implemented on the national level?
    Develop the narrative as an objective descriptive essay with persuasive elements.  You should not be simply answering questions.  You will be penalized for writing the essay as though it was only question and answer.  It should be a full descriptive essay that should have an intro paragraph, a couple body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

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