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    Create a sample cover letter (using standard business letter format) that you might submit with your resume and application.  Cover letters should always be targeted to a specific job at a specific company, so for this assignment choose a REAL JOB (AN ENTRY LEVEL FINANCE JOB) to base your cover letter on. Be sure that your cover letter talks about WHY you want the job and WHAT you like about the company. The cover letter should be at least two paragraphs in length and should not restate resume content.  This is a persuasive document that complements your resume by helping the reader understand why you are interested in the job.

    Submit BOTH the job posting (the link is fine) and the cover letter for this assignment. You will receive detailed feedback from your instrutor that you will use to revise your cover letter later on in the course.

    How you will be graded:

    Formatting/Layout/Demographic Information (30 points)

    The cover letter is free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Formatting is applied consistently. The flow of the letter is easy to follow. The layout is visually attractive, with a balance of text and white space. The candidates name, email, and phone number present on the document.

    Cover Letter Content (70 points)

    The letter demonstrates that the applicant has “done their homework” to learn something about the company. The letter is personalized, not generic. It is obvious that the letter is meant specifically for a particular job and company – it does not feel mass produced. The cover letter does not simply restate what is on the resume, but adds personal elements that demonstrate “fit” with the targeted organization. The cover letter shows the candidate’s motivation for the job. The cover letter should not include facts that could be placed on the resume. Rather, the cover letter should help the reader understand who the candidate is and why they want to work for the organization.

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