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    The purpose of this assignment is to have a real resume that you can actually use. Write with this in mind. Base your resume on where you are in your professional career, whether you are a new professional, a more seasoned professional, or a career changer. 

    .(entry level finance job)  Write a resume that you would use to apply for your next professional position. You will receive detailed feedback from your instructor and use it to revise your resume later in this course.


    How you will be graded:

    Formatting/Layout/Demographic Information (30 points)

    The resume and cover letter are free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Formatting is applied consistently. The organization of the documents is easy to follow. The layout is visually attractive, with a balance of text and white space. The candidates name, email, and phone number are professionally presented. Degrees attained are completely and accurately presented.

    name – nishan malla
    email –
    working on bachelors degree at bay state college, ma
    Resume Content (70 points)

    Examples of relevant skills and abilities are included and explained with sufficient detail. Keywords are used frequently and appropriately. More related experiences are given greater space and detail. Every position listed has a title, organization, location and dates. A template is not used; the resume is an original creation. Behavior statements start with an action verb and describe what, where, how, and for whom work was done. Relevant volunteer, short term, and internship experiences are included. Irrelevant information is minimized or excluded from the resume. Section headings make sense.

    (Resume should be submitted in doc format)

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