Any topic (writer’s choice)

    You will select a movie, that is approved by me(Blind Side), and write a review of it by focusing on the following writing prompts.

    Please note that this assignment is to be in size 12 font, 1′ margins, double-spaced, and between 4-5 pages of text (along with a title page and a references page), use of at least 3 academic sources (not including class notes).

    1. Generally describe the movie (Development part of the rubric).

    2. Identify, define, and describe at least two psychological concepts (Development part of the rubric).

    3. Describe a couple of scenes in the movie (Analysis part of the rubric).

    4. Describe how the two psychological concepts are relevant in each scene (Analysis part of the rubric).

    5. Describe the implications (positive and/or negative) of the application of psychological concepts (Analysis part of the rubric).


    Begin the assignment with the header “Development” and focus on writing about the first two writing prompts. Once this has been accomplished…
    Insert a header of “Analysis” and focus on the last three writing prompts. 


    Development – 40%

    Analysis – 40%

    Writing – 20%

    Writing is free from errors and each paragraph focuses on one focused topic.

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