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    Okay so my senior thesis paper focuses on the Koryo period, originally it was the Koryo and Choson periods but that was too much. So it’s just the Koryo period now. I have already created some kind of outline for the thesis. The thesis of my paper is that the Koryo state experiences spiritual shifts away from Buddhism by monarchs to consolidate monarchical power. Those monarchs who changed the state from Buddhism to Confucianism were King Kwangjong( r.949-75), King Songjong(r.981-97), and King Hyonjong(r.1009-31). They changed the state spiritually through administrative reforms,  restructuring the government, and religious education. I need you to expand on what I already have and give me a thorough analysis.I need the introductory paragraph to give the background information of the Koryo and Buddhism, so Wang Kon, the founder.

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