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    Students will submit an in-depth report of 4000 words (excluding references) that will assess the students ability to align theory with practice and skills to manage challenges of organizational change in your place of employment. Assessment details are as below:
    1. Identify a substantive change, which was made at your workplace.
    2. Discuss the precedents, key issues and reasons leading to the situation necessitating the change.
    3. Identify relevant literature from research journals, provide a review of the current state of managing organization change, and discuss how the research fits into the wider context of the situation selected by you.
    4. Critically analyse the situation. What was the significance of the problem? How was the current situation being effected in the absence of change? What was the proposed change? How was it implemented and managed? How did the individuals receive the change? What were the challenges experienced during the implementation of the change? Was the change management successfully implemented? What were the learnings from this process of change management?
    5. What inferences do you draw from this change management situation, what are the conclusions and what are your recommendations for an effective change management process? What theories and/or models would you apply in your proposed solution and how would they be applied?
    6. Your report should be a critical report about the change management process, reflecting good depth and breadth of your knowledge, analytical skills and competencies acquired during the course.
    7. The selected organization should be your own organization. In situations where confidentiality of the organization needs to be maintained, you may change the name and avoid mentioning any sensitive information or data. It is imperative that you take

    the aspect of confidentiality seriously and refrain from any disclosures of sensitive nature in your report. Avoid selecting organizations such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc., or organizations with which you have no association. Reports based on such organizations are not acceptable. Please also refrain from selecting organisations such as ADNOC, Etisalat, Du, etc., as the basis of your report, unless you are employed with them.
    Your Terms of Reference:
    As a GUIDE ONLY, this section outlines some of the aspects you may consider significant given the brief shown above. Your report should include:
    Cover Page: showing ADSM logo, program details (Program title, course code, course title, and intake), assessment type, assessment title, student name, student id and submission date. Page number must start at the first page of your report (and not your cover page or contents).
    Please use cover page that you can access from your ADSM account made now available under course on LMS and attached in this file.
    Table of Contents.
    Title: Your title has to be different from assessment task description.
    Abstract: this section must include the situation, aims, method, and brief about results.
    Introduction: Initial introduction about the organization, subject and demonstrate the importance in the context of organization development.
    Literature review: The depth of knowledge, terminology, concepts, and theoretical debate are key elements in this section. You will have to use ranked academic journals, textbooks and resources to show your rational thinking. Do not forget to include in appendix section screenshots about results from ADSM e-library.
    Analysis: This section show the depth of analysis undertaken in the context of the situation.
    Discussion: This section must explicitly give evidences on how you are relating your assumptions in the context of the situation.
    Conclusion: You have to provide a clear and succinct conclusion.
    Recommendation: Your recommendations to organizations, institutions, and industries in the given context are essential
    Appendices: Provide any relevant chart, figure or any relevant data in support of the context.
    References: Should follow APA style.

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