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    Prompt: Trace the evolution of the meaning of development over the course of the past century, and explain what this evolution, and the factors that encourages it, means for how economists seek to understand development, measure progress and guide policy.

    Things to Focus On:
    Why has the meaning of Development Evolved?
    Policy: What is development?
        It is subject to Evolution
        We started with growth but why? We dont use it anymore but why?
        There are so many growth theories to the point where policies become troublesome to pick which one to use.
        The war in economics between government or no government involves the policy space.
        How do you monitor it? How do we measure it? How do we track it? (In regard to Evolution to Human Development)
        The monitoring will evolve
        What are the implications for the success or failure of policy?
        Why have we not simplified the cause or sources of growth and development even though we know and keep learning more and more information?
    Side Notes:
        Dont write to the Rubric
        Use symbolisms
        Make sure you describe or demonstrate that you know what you are talking about:
    o    Ex: Techniques for Analysis
    Criteria for Essay:
    1.    Essay follows accepted principles of writing including for example, Dudenhefer’s 6 Principles of Writing especially “end with something new, start with something old. It follows norms such as MLA. or APA – google them all if you do not know – and selects a title that reflects the specific essay and its tone. Pay attention to our articles, and GO TO THE WRITING CENTER

    2.    Essay identifies the three broad phases in the modern evolution of the meaning of the term development – growth, modernization, poverty/human development/wellbeing – explaining the meaning of each and doing so within the context of time. So, for example the third phase is a thing of the 1990s on.

    3.    Essay discusses – with research evidence to support discussion that was not provided by me – the proximate cause for each shift, displaying your understanding of the role and limits of theory and econ methods in shaping the evolution of the meaning. For example, for the era of growth, the role (if any as you see it) of the pandoras box from Solow’s residual in directing the focus from capital and growth to more than growth; poverty and the role of Neoliberalism and SALs; wellbeing, Sen

    4.    Essay discusses and makes the connection with issues of association and causality in shaping the evolution of the meaning of development – and provides evidence. For example, the associations of education and productivity which though important, is not causal. Same for human development and growth.

    5.    Essay demonstrates student understanding of the pattern to this evolution (of the meaning of development) – the “getting closer to the truth” approach to knowledge vs the pure falsification – (this gets at issues with correlation and causality)

    6.    Essay considers how these shifts result in different ways of measuring progress; from average annual growth, to measures of poverty, to multidimensional measures of wellbeing and happiness.

    Essay Help:
    1.    Trace the Evolution of the meaning of development
    2.    Explore the factors that have contributed to or shaped evolution
    3.    Consider what this has done for changing how economists monitor the development achievements
    4.    Consider what this means for policy

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