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    This course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy figures related to the continuing evolution of the United States and its place within the world during the last 170 years. For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation based on your Unit V Outline. The presentation should be appropriate for an audience; in other words, it needs to be thoughtfully organized, visually attractive, and clear in the message you are trying to convey.

    In the Unit V Outline, you chose an influential public figure working in America from the mid-19th century to the present. Your selection did not have to be an American citizen, but you were not to choose a U.S. president.

    This presentation is not meant to be a biography. You should focus on communicating the figures relevance in todays modern era and highlight how society remembers him or her now.

    The presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides and should address the concepts listed below.


    Introduce how your figure impacted a civil rights movement (including, but not limited to, creed, race, age, status, or gender). Note: His or her impact may not necessarily be a positive one.
    Identify how this figure is viewed on the national and/or world stage.
    Discuss how this figure may have influenced challenges and/or opportunities for the United States as a global power (i.e., their international impact).
    Provide a perspective on if this figures impact would have been seen as progressive.

    The organization of the presentation should be based on the Unit V Outline. Make sure that you utilize any feedback given on your outline.
    Ideas should be grouped together and transition smoothly.
    Make use of the notes section in each slide in order to communicate your thoughts and ideas. If you would prefer, audio voiceover can be utilized in place of slide notes.
    Include a title slide (one slide), content slides (eight slides), and a reference slide (one slide).

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