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    Throughout this course, you will compile a comprehensive marketing plan using one of the product/service scenarios listedbelow. (Note: You will use the same scenario throughout the course.) This scenario will be the basis of your start-up company and will bethe catalyst for the three parts of the marketing plan that you willcompose in Units II (Part I), IV (Part II), and VII (Part III). Thecompany that you choose to submit a marketing plan for is a fictionalstart-up company (not an existing company).

    Scenarios for your start-up company are explained below.(Note that these descriptions are basic, and you will need to becreative and develop the business idea/model for your selected scenario.)

    Scenario #1

    Travel Supreme is a start-up travel organization with the missionof assisting customers with travel planning. While todays customers enjoy developing their vacations themselves, Travel Supreme believes there are travel services that are still in demand. Initial research needs to develop what types of travel services are in demand by this target market.

    Scenario #2

    IT to Seniors is a start-up company interested in ensuring a positive experience for seniors (65 and older) with respect to the use of technological gadgets, software, the Internet, and/or any additionalaspects of technology. Initial research will provide an idea of thebusiness model that would be in most demand for this target market.

    Scenario #3

    Galaxy Restaurant is a start-up restaurant developed withthe idea of providing the customer with a unique dining experience. Thiscould extend from the product offering, service offering, atmosphere,or a host of other unique experiences. Initial research will provide an idea of what this unique dining experience would look like.

    Scenario #4

    Women on the Go is a startup company targeted at women who needassistance with the selection and purchasing of their clothing/accessories. This service is aimed at the more affluentcustomer who simply does not have the time and/or knowledge to dress tothe business or social setting that they are expected to fulfill.Initial research will provide insight into the types of services thatthis particular target market would be interested in.

    Remember to choose one of the aforementioned scenarios to usefor the entire course. Submissions will be completed in Units II, IV, and VII and, together, will comprise a full marketing plan. While this is a cumulative marketing plan, submit only the designated units work.

    This units submission should consist of the items listedbelow.
    Include an introduction/overview of the company.
    This section of the marketing plan should introduce thecompany and business model along with abrief description of the products/services.
    Discuss market research strategies.
    This section of the marketing plan should discuss theresearch strategies that will be used byyour company to understand the targetmarket(s), industry, competition, and/or anyother aspects of the company that will providevaluable insight into profitable operations.
    Describe the macro environment through a political,economic, social, and technological (PEST) analysis.
    In this section, you will compile a PEST analysis of yourcompany. You will analyze how thechanges in the macro environment asdescribed in the PEST will impact the company and,specifically, the marketing decisions.

    Ensure you provide an introduction for this assignment that is engaging and provides a clear background to the purpose of the assignment. The format of thesubmission should be in essay format using subheadings. Use APAformat. Additionally, you need to include a minimum of five sources,three of which must be peer-reviewed, academic sources that are nomore than 5 years old. The submission should be a minimum of threepages in length (not counting the title and referencepages).


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