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    Session 3 Research Paper – Artist and Inspiration

    The author of our course’s text, Jerram Barrs, explores the idea that quality art (on some level) truthfully explores what it means to live life as a human. In Echoes of Eden, he states, “This principle of representing things as they are is a matter of obedience and honesty. Simple integrity constrains us to communicate faithfully and truthfully not only about the Lord himself and other people whose stories appear in the Bible, but also about our current human condition” (Barrs, 2013).

    In our discussion assignment this week, you chose a specific artistic medium for your Session 5 Final Project. Now that you have identified the particular form of art that you’d like to submit, we will engage in an important step of the creative process — researching the form and technique of those who have come before us. For this paper, identify an artist who has created art in the same category that you have selected for your final project. For example, if you have chosen to compose a poem for your project, you’ll need to identify a prominent poet to research.

    In 2-3 pages (formatting per APA standards), address these elements:

    What do you personally find inspiring about this artist’s work?
    How do you see universal truths of humanity (pain, joy, love, redemption, etc.) within the artist’s work? If you do not see these, explain what you think the artist is attempting to convey.
    What makes this artist’s work different than other artists who create the same type of art?
    Identify a minimum of two elements within his or her artistic technique and explain how you could potentially utilize them your Session 5 Final Project.

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