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    Capstone Project (Critical Assignment): Combine the work you have completed throughout this course, applying feedback you have received from the instructor. The final project should be at least 10 pages, excluding title and references page, and following APA format. You should have at least five scholarly references, not including sources from this course. Find a case study of addiction, from a movie, an article, professional work, or personal experience to be the basis for your capstone project. Introducing the presenting problem and history, framing it in terms of the biopsychosocial-spiritual model and including a DSM diagnosis. Present laws related to addiction that may affect your population, context, and practice. Summarize what laws your clients should be educated on and what laws you need to know to follow in your practice. Particularly note the role of confidentiality and its limits related to this case. Apply a harm reduction model, a twelve-step model, and a prevention method to your case study to complete the capstone, evaluation which interventions would likely be most effective, considering age, gender, culture, etc. Make sure to address systemic concerns and what community resources would be appropriate. Remember to explore countertransference and spiritual issues in the case, both from a theological perspective and a treatment viewpoint. This is the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course

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