Complete the “worksheet” while viewing film 

    please answer the following questions:

    1.) According to evidence in the archaeological record, when did humans first start domesticating plants and animals? Hint: There may be a different answer for plants and animals 

    2.) According to evidence in the archaeological records, where did agriculture first emerge? 

    3.) Discuss at least three positive consequences of the shift to agriculture. 

    4.) Discuss at least three negative consequences of the shift to agriculture. 

    5.) Discuss your thought's on Jared Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel.  How does Jared Diamond answer the question: "Why do you white men have so much cargo and us New Guineans so little?"  Diamond is essentially attempting to answer one of the oldest questions:  When, where and why did inequality among human groups emerge?  Do you agree with Jared Diamond's explanation on the origins of inequality?  Why or why not? 

    Please make sure that your reponses are organized into complete sentences.  You should exercise college-level writting skills with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.  You should include reference to at least 2-3 academic resources throughout your discussion post response.  Approved academic sources include the Larsen textbook, PowerPoint slides, academic journal articles from the library databases (not from google searchs), approved films and film clips.  Please note that Wikipedia and other internet sources are NOT approved academic sources.  You should include properly formatted intext citations whenevever referencing a source.  The Owl Purdue site is a very useful site when learning to properly cite your sources.  Just google Owl Purdue and it will come up.

    APA format = (last name of the author(s) year of publication) Ex. (Larsen 2017)

    MLA format = (last name of the author(s) page number) Ex. (Larsen 304)

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