Annotated playlist

    In this assignment, you will create a Spotify playlist of 10 pieces related to your chosen affect. These pieces must be spaced out through history and be pulled from at least 4 different eras (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Galant, Classical, Romantic, Modern). You may choose pieces of any classical genre that you feel are representative of your affect. Possible affects include: love, hatred, sorrow, joy, or fear.

    Part 1 (due February 12, 2021 by 11:59pm PST)

    Choose your affect and 5 pieces to begin your annotated playlist. You may include pieces that we studied in class. Create a document describing why you believe each piece fits your affect.

    Each annotation must include:

    Composer and piece title
    Era of the piece (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Galant, Classical, Romantic, Modern)
    Genre of the piece (chant, madrigal, opera, ballet, symphony, concerto, etc.)
    2-3 sentence description as to why you believe the musical elements of the piece fit your affect, such as the melody (conjunct, disjunct), harmony (consonant, dissonant), tempo (fast, slow, etc.)
    2-3 sentence description of either the historical background (composed for war, composed for church, etc.) or the context of the piece (love aria in an opera, concerto movement describing a storm, etc.) and how that fits your affect
    Below are playlists to help you begin thinking about pieces. You are welcome to use any classical works from class, from these playlists, or chose your own.

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