Andes Manta: The Music of the Andes

    Personal Reaction Paper

    There is one (1) Personal Reaction Paper in this course, in Week Two.  It is due at the end of Week Three.  This paper is worth 14% of your grade. Personal Reaction Papers must be two-three complete pages in MS Word or PDF ONLY in MLA or APA format. Please do not use the text box.  Papers entered in the text box will receive a ZERO(0).

    For this assignment, you will choose one of the World Music videos given in the assignment (Week Two).  Only one (1) video must be chosen.  Watch one of the concerts in its entirety.  Then answer the following questions:

    1.    Name of the video and of the act you are watching, date it was uploaded, date of concert, location
    2.    Name of performer or performers, including soloists, and what instrument or ensemble was involved..
    3.    Comment on the acoustics and ambiance of the performing space and on the use of amplification.
    4.    Discussion of how performers performed, used their instruments
    5.    Discussion of how the performers interacted with the audience
    6.    Discussion of any new information you learned while watching
    7.    The number of pieces performed and their titles (if you can).
    8.    Which piece(s) your enjoyed most and least and why (be specific).
    9.    Were any encores performed? What were they?
    10.    Estimated size of the audience and its demographic make-up (if you can see them).
    11.    How did the audience appreciate the performance?

    This information should be provided at a minimum.  Above and beyond this basic information, your paper should show evidence of the following:

        Thought about the connection between music and culture related to this particular concert
        Any information about the music or performance that connects with concepts we have learned in class (or in the text book or discussion questions)
        Anything new that you have learned from the video, from the experience or the music itself.
        Any difficulty you had relating to or getting into the performance
        Would you go and see another concert like this?

    You may use your textbook for reference.  You may use the internet to learn about the music or the performers.  You may share this experience with a friend or family member and include that person’s reaction.  You may not like everything about this performance and that’s fine.  Do try to take the music on its own terms and write as deeply as possible about it.  Students will be graded on detail and depth of response.

    Link to the concert:

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