Analyze table (for SQL), determine (create) the candidate and primary key fields.

    Analyze the proposed project table structure below and determine the candidate and primary key fields. Follow the rules listed in the Elements of a Candidate Key and Elements of a Primary Key sections in Chapter 8. Complete the following steps:
    Step 1. Before you can determine the primary keys and candidate keys, you will need to write a series of possible questions (Q&A) about the project table shown below. List your questions and answers, then follow Step 2 below. You may need to make some assumptions (e.g., the purpose of the project table); if so, document them.(write them)
    Step 2. For each of the fields in the proposed projects table, list details and assumptions based on the information you collected in Step 1.
    Step 3. Based on the information you gathered in Steps 1 and 2, make any necessary changes to the project table structure. Feel free to propose additional tables in order to meet the requirements. Describe the rationale for your assignments of the primary key and candidate keys in your table(s), and explain any changes that you propose to the project table structure or any additional table(s).

    Project Table: (see Database Assignment docx)
    ProjDescription  ProjLocation      ProjStartDate    DeptName    EmpName  TimeOnJob      Parts

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