Analyze any influential speech

    1. Pick an influential speech from any time in history. Include the speech (or provide a hyperlink) so that the teacher can readily review it.

    2. Offer an IN DEPTH ANALYSIS of the major argument(s), underlying strategy, and effectiveness of the argumentation. Include some brief historical context of the speech and the speaker in your introduction. 

    3.  Describe, analyze, and critique some of the following (choose a minimum of 3 of the following);

    1.  Use of rhetorical strategies (E.g. ethos, pathos, logos)

    2.  Argument types (E.g. Moral, practical, analogy, essential nature, cause)

    3.  Fallacies and emotional appeals

    4.  Depth, breadth, and quality of evidence (Eg. types, credibility, variety, timeliness)

    5.  Argumentation validity or link of evidence to claims

    6.  Effectiveness of appeal to target audience

    7.  Language style / rhetorical devices (Eg. metaphor, personification)

    8.  Counterarguments/rebuttal to opposition

    9.  Ethical implications of the argument

    10.  Biases of the speaker and YOUR PERSONAL BIASES swaying your critique

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