Analytical Reflection Based on Testimonies

    In this analytic reflection you will discuss your experience reading and engaging with your and your classmates’ testimony projects during Week 16. This reflection should include both your personal response to the week’s materials and an analytic assessment of the themes, topics, and issues that emerged in the testimonies that you read.

    Review the groups discussions Collaborations for Weeks 14 and 15 to identify possible reflection questions or themes.

    This final analytic reflection should have the following elements:

    Assessment and description of your own experience engaging in testimonio/testimony

    An analytic discussion of the themes, topics, and issues that emerged in your classmates’ testimonies

    Citation of specific examples from the testimonies that you read – Provide evidence, examples or details from each of the testimonios.

    Strong conventions of writing – It should be well organized and be proofread for correct grammar and spelling.

    You will be graded based on a reflection that Meets expectations (5-7pts), Exceeds expectations (8-10pts), or Below Expectations (0-4pts).

    ******I will upload week 15 collaboration and notes of my classmates group called ” First Gen Zoomers” on Wednesday 

    My group testimony book is attached with the file called, ” Testimony Narrative Final Group”

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