Analysis of Popular Culture Topic from Signs of Life, Chpt. 1

    Here I am attaching the initial paper. The professor has provided edits and wanted me to add two additional paragraphs. please read my professors comments:

    “Re-do Intro paragraph as indicated. Body paragraphs look good, for the most part, but add two more paragraphs so you have a longer paper.
    Re-do Works Cited in MLA format. Looks like you need one more peer-reviewed source (besides Rojek). Also, it looks like you only had one peer-reviewed source; the assignment was to use 2.”

    The second thing I am adding is the same paper, but with professors comments. The third thing I am attaching is the article in which the paper is about, “The More Factor.”

    Below is the instructions for the paper I wrote:

    1)    Choose a selection that interested you, from the readings that have been assigned so far. This case I will provide you with the article “The More Factor”

    2)    Choose an essay topic from the Reading the Signs section after the reading. Essay topic: Shames asserts that Americans have been influenced by the frontier belief “that America would keep on booming?” (para. 8). Do you feel that this belief continues to be influential into the twenty-first century?

    3)    Locate and use 5-7 sources for your essay:                     
    -at least TWO sources should be from peer-reviewed academic journals (I have provided instructions on how to do this below.)
    -at least THREE sources should be other types listed on pp. 67-69 of SOL //

    Note: You dont have to use the exact sources listed on these pages, but you    .                          should choose those KINDS of sources to quote and cite in your paper.)

    Using evidence, support your argument in a rational and thoughtful manner. Make sure that your essay is typed and double-spaced, and follows proper MLA format.

    Your essay should contain the following elements:
        A creative title that tells your reader about your essay
        An introductory paragraph that introduces your topic, at least two sources, and concludes with your thesis statement.
        Body paragraphs that include support from sources for the claims you have argued
        Textual evidence: At least 5 Sources which are quoted and cited in your paper
        Body paragraphs that offer main points related to your thesis
        Topic and concluding sentences that express YOUR main points and relate back to your thesis statement (avoid quotations in topic and concluding sentences)
        Clear transitions between main points
        An articulate conclusion that offers a new reflection on the thesis
        Clear MLA parenthetical citation and a works cited page

    -go to
    -databases: proquest direct and click on “peer reviewed” and “full text”

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