All questions are supposed to be answered in a thorough and professional manner. The minimum word count for each question is 100 words in the body of the answer (the word minimum means to receive a C). The quality of your answers will determine the grade once you have met the minimum requirements. Remember to use APA formatting when citing any material. If you cite material, add your references at the bottom of the assignment. The word count does not include the reference material. Used the uploaded book to address questions.

    Chapter 1:  Read Case Study: Ancol Corp. (page 28)

    1. Discuss the consequences of the time clock removal on Ancols effectiveness as an organization using any two of the perspectives of organizational effectiveness.

    2. What changes should occur to minimize the likelihood of these problems in the future?

    Chapter 2:  Critical Thinking Questions (page 56)

    1. A federal government department has high levels of absenteeism among the office staff. The head of office administration argues that employees are misusing the companys sick leave benefits. However, some of the mostly female staff members have explained that family responsibilities interfere with work. Using the MARS model, as well as your knowledge of absenteeism behavior, discuss some of the possible reasons for absenteeism here and how it might be reduced.

    2. It has been said that all employees are motivated. Do you agree with this statement?

    3. Studies report that heredity has a strong influence on an individuals personality. What are the implications of this influence in organizational settings?

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