Analysis and summary for Supply chain survey

    Required is two-page summary of results with graphs for the SSCM survey.

    There are 12 main categories. (instrumental motives, relational motives, moral motives, sustainable product design, supply-side sustainability collaboration, demand-side sustainability collaboration, environmental performance, financial performance, competitive advantage, resource investment in SSCM and Absorptive capacity)
    I need
    1.    Introduction about the survey.
    2.    Information about the sample (companies) size, age, revenue and business field.
    3.    12 short summary paragraphs, one paragraph for each category, that summarize the main results for the category.

    For Example,
    Instrumental Motives
    63% of the sample agree or strongly agree that their company engages in sustainable activities due to shareholder demand for sustainability improvements. On the other hand 37%…..etc

    attachment are :-
    1- SSCM Questionnaire FYI and this is the link if you want to see it :
    ( )

    2-Excel sheet of the result and this is extra link for you with charts :
    ( )

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