Please watch Amy Cuddys Ted Ex: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.

    Written response to the video.
    Consider the following in your responses:

    – Was there an attention grabber at the beginning?

    – What is the Non Verbal Communication like? Helpful or distracting? ( eye contact, movement, gestures, etc).

    – Is the topic appropriate for venue?

    – Ethical considerations (accurate information?)

    – Were you able to easily follow along with the information/consideration of the organization of speech

    – Consider the : articulation, rate, inflection, pitch, volume, word choice etc.

    – Was there a strong/compelling close?

    – Was there a personal connection or reaction to the speech/speaker/topic?

    – Your overall impression of the topic/speech skills of the speaker

    – Is there Something you will take from or adopt from the speech

    You do not need to assess all of the above, and that list is not meant to be exhaustive. I’m just giving suggestions on things you can consider.

    Cuddy Video :

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