Assignment #1 .Think of the last time they acted aggressively or the last time someone acted aggressively toward you. Explain the event in terms of some of the topics covered so far. For instance, did the event involve hostile aggression or instrumental aggression? Were there situational factors that contributed to the aggressive event? Did construals or culture play a role?

    Assignment #2 Practical Application PowerPoint Presentation

    This assignment requires you to research and create a PowerPoint presentation on a particular practical application of social psychology. The presentation should be aesthetically pleasing, use appropriate APA formatting and citation, and be a minimum of 12 slides long (not including the cover slide or references). 

    You may have noticed that, in the midst of the craziness, this is a Presidential Election year. Social psychology plays a central role in any political campaign. For instance, our textbook includes a chapter on persuasion, and this is exactly what any political campaign is trying to do persuade you to vote for their candidate. Research and describe the different ways that psychology is used in an election. You may include video clips, pictures, and other media to support your assertions. Here are some things to think about:

    Consider evaluating different political messages. Watch past debates, look at political commercials, listen to what candidates are saying and unpack their message.

    Dont forget to consider the surrounding information. How does the audience impact the message?

    Why was particular information presented at a specific time? For instance, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would be picking a female running mate during a Democratic debate against Senator Bernie Sanders. Why was this situation chosen for the announcement? What psychological advantage did it provide?

    The purpose of this assignment is not to critique a particular political stance. You should evaluate the psychology behind how information is presented.

    Try to use this experience to learn what political operatives are trying to do when they present information to you. Try to learn of ways that you can ensure you are not being played. In short, it is my hope that this assignment will help you to recognize and evaluate so that you may make a more informed decision when you cast your ballot.

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