Film Analysis Paper: (100 points (Chen, 1999 is acknowledged for the idea of this paper). Films are often keen observations of social behavior. Culturally, we have conveyed social norms, morals, and expectations for group behavior though storytelling. Movies, especially those created for children, often see to explain social behavior. For this assignment, you will select a Disney or Pixar film and analyze it from a social-psychological perspective. My movie:  Beauty and The Beast
        View the approved film at least once. It might be helpful to watch it more than once because you notice intricacies that you may have missed during the first viewing. Identify at least three social-psychological principles present in the film.
        Your text discusses major concepts that have dominated the field of social psychology. Your task for this paper is to choose a movie. After watching the movie you should select 4 chapters from your textbook that help explain the movie. You will do a little research on each chapter topic and provide an argument for each one of the topics covered in the chapter based on peer reviewed journal articles that you have researched. You will need to include at least 4 peer reviewed research articles as you will use at least one different one for each chapter.
        Your discussion should elaborate on how selected scenes conform and/or fail to conform to each of the psychological principles/topics, as well as to the research findings that support the principle.
        Be sure to briefly describe the relevant scenes. Please provide enough detail so that the reader understands the context.
        Your paper should be in APA format, concise, and grammatically correct. 
        The paper should be no less than 5 pages in length with a minimum of 4 references. The paper should be in APA format with a title page and reference page. This assignment should be roughly 5 pages in length, not including title page and references.   

    Tips for successful paper writing:
        Contractions in formal papers are highly discouraged (e.g., dont, cant, Ill), please spell these words out (e.g., do not, cannot, I will).
        Make sure that your thoughts make sense and that you have explained them in full. Often students are on the cusp of a great idea or thought and they stop short. Make sure you fully articulate your thoughts.
        Part of successful academic writing is to concisely explain what your sources found but then add your own critique and analysis. I want to read your thoughts and reactions to these issues. Your thoughts and reactions can be strengthened if you support them by empirical research.
        Avoid using direct quotes. Try to paraphrase what the author is saying. When you explain something though paraphrasing it shows you understand the material at a deeper level than if you just quoted.

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