American History

    American History

    Write an original essay in which you develop and defend your own thoughts and ideas on the immigrant experience in The Jungle using any of the following writing prompts for a focus.  Do not simply relate the plot of the book or answer the following qustions, but Do create an original essay and defend your own thoughts or feelings.  If you include any other resources from reading, historical events, etc.  you will need to cite your answers.


    Format: Select a focus, create a thesis sentence, and support your thesis with supporting details.  Your thesis statement must be underlined, italicized or highlighted and it will occur in the conclusion of your introduction.  Your thesis statement idea will also resurface in the conclusion of your essay.


    Length: Your essay should be 5 paragraphs typed, double-space follow proper essay form, and include work cited page with a citation for "The Jungle" and any outside sources you use in the essay.

    Each body  paragraph must include 3 examples from the novel

    Cite page numbers for any examples or references used from the novel or outside sources.  Of course, the citation comes after the use of information.  Example: (Sinclair)

    History essays are written in past tensse

    You must have a thesis paragraph and a concluding paragraph

    Must include a "Work Cited" page with The Jungle citation and any other source citations used in the essay.

    Be sure to proofread the essay for spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors.


    Writing Prompt:

    In the eyes of an immigrant, what lessons can be learned from The Jungle?


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