American economic and territorial expansion

    During the first half of the 19th century, American economic and territorial expansion was dependent on a variety of forms of labor to sustain growth. What are some of the ways that the demand for labor was met, and what were some consequences of what George Tucker describes as a population and wealth increase with unexampled rapidity? Be sure to pull from as many documents as possible.

    Use these readings in the answer:

    1) George Tucker on Gabriels Rebellion p. 151

    2) Sara Bagley, Freedom and Necessity at Lowell p. 162

    3) Margaret McCarthy to her Family in Ireland p. 168

    4) Appeal of the Cherokee Nation p. 197

    Eric Foners Give Me Liberty Volume I (6th Edition, Seagull)

    Voices of Freedom Documentary Reader Vol 1 (6th Edition).

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