Alternative energy sources

    Research alternative energy sources; then make an argument for the three most desirable ones to introduce in South Florida. Here is a link with a list of renewable energy resources to get you started:

    Your argumentative essay will be on an environmental topic from the list of options below. Consider
    your audience for this paper to be your peers. The essay should be between 3 and 4 pages (850 to
    1,000 words) in length, not including the cover page, abstract, or reference page. It should be double
    spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font and must include:
    An introduction, a minimum of 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion
    a clearly articulated thesis that states the claim, position, or stance that your essay will prove in
    the introduction to your paper
    4 cited sources, at least 2 of these sources should come from the MDC databases
    At least 4 quotes from your sources
    Topic sentences that focus the discussion in the body paragraphs
    Examples, details, and explanations, and other researched evidence in the body paragraphs that
    clearly support the claim of your thesis
    Counterarguments and refutations that show you understand the complexity of your argument
    and can accurately acknowledge the views of the opposition and refute them
    Clear connections between ideas from paragraph to paragraph and within paragraphs
    Proper APA style format in the cover page, in the abstract, in the in-text citations, and in the
    Reference page (see the template and instructional video for creating the APA format)
    Reference page listing a minimum of four sources
    Standard usage, grammar, and mechanics

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