Alice Programming Assignment

    (Please Have Alice software)

    Zeus Modification

    Recreate the Zeus world.  In this world, a philosopher has been zapped by lightning and is scorched to show he has met a tragic ending.  However, the philosopher is still in the scene and the user can zap him again. 

    Revise the program to allow the user to zap each philosopher.  Make each zapped philosopher fall down below the ground, where he can’t be mouse-clicked again.

    Include comments for each major instruction in your program.

    -Download the initial scene for the project
    -Create the methods and events
    -Once you have it ready, then perform the modifications  in this project
    -Each philosopher that is zapped should fall below the ground where he can’t be zapped again
    -The Lightning Bolt should not be seen as it returns to the cloud
    -The sound should play

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