Alice Programming Assignment 2

    (Please have Alice software)

    The Tortoise and the Hare

    We all know the story about The Tortoise and the Hare. For this project we will use the Tortoise and Hare story line. 

    In our story, the bunny was confident that he would win the race, so he did not work hard and lost the race. The bunny solicited the hare to find out why the bunny lost the race. The hare shared his experience with the bunny, now the  bunny knows he needs to train harder to win the race.  In our story the bunny will win the race.

    Use the initial scene in the  Attached File section.

    Write a program to make the bunny hop over the two obstacles, then hop on top of  the third position of the trophy podium, and finally he hops on the first place podium. Turn the bunny’s feet backward and forward to make it look like a hop. Use the height and distance functions to guide the upward and forward movements, respectively. During the upward and forward movement the bunny is moving forward toward the trophy.

    Make sure that the tortoise reaches the finish line after the bunny, by increasing the duration parameter of the move function  Once both the tortoise and bunny reach the podium, they should turn and face the camera, and the bunny raises his arms and say, “I won!!”  Include comments for each major instruction in your code.

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