Affective Disorders

    The essay is split up into four questions, each question must be answered within a word limit of 630-770 words with in text citations. There is no limit to references, but it is a short essay so maybe they should be around 3-7 for a single question to leave room for personal interpretations.

    Before answering the question, the question must be placed on top of it. The works cited page for a single question goes after every question.

    The questions are as follows:

    How are stress and depression possibly linked? Discuss clinical and experimental observations and suggested underlying biological mechanisms.

    What is inflammation? Discuss the role of inflammation both in the periphery and in the brain in the development of depression.

    What is cognitive bias? How do attentional biases differ in anxiety and depressive disorders?

    Discuss the challenges faced by health practitioners in the diagnosis and management of affective disorders in a primary care setting.

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