Advanced Object-Oriented Programming with C #

    Short Assignments 1:

    Create a Windows application for purchasing floor covering. Allow the length and width (feet and inches) of a room to be entered. Be sure to include program statements that will keep your program from crashing if they enter nonnumeric characters for the room dimensions. Using the tab control, provide selections such as Hardwood, Carpet, and Laminate. On each tab allow the user to select a type and price. Have a control that displays different types along with the prices of floor covering. Include, for example, options like Oak, Maple, Walnut, and Cherry Hardwood floors with prices such as $34.95 per square yard for Oak and $41.95 per square yard for Cherry. After the users enter their room dimensions and select the floor covering and price, display the total cost to cover the room. Include an option to clear selections. Place both the type of floor covering and the price in a single control, such as a ComboBox, and use string manipulation techniques to strip the price out of the string.

    –    Save your project as LabTest1_XX_999 where XX stands for the initials of your first and last name and 999 stands for the last 3 digits of your student number.
    –    Put some impotent comments/notes.
    –    Solution code must be submitted on time otherwise it will not be marked.

    Criteria to be evaluated:                                                        Total Marks 5% out of 100%

    1.    Use of adequate and fully functioning controls:
              a. Form
              b. Labels
              c. Textboxes
              d. Combo Boxes or radio buttons for type of flooring for each category
              e. Menu (for categories of floor coverings: carpet, hardwood, laminate)

    2.    Naming controls adequately

    3.    User friendliness (organization on the Form, neat and tidy, not cluttered)

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