Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies Final Project

    Create a presentation for your client, ShareTheBread, showing them what online presence looks like for a current organization with a similar mission and focus as them. Select a small nonprofit that has a website. Review all aspects of the online presence for the nonprofit. This should include the website, any social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Be sure to look for mentions of the organization on social media as well.

    Include the text of your presentation in the speaker notes and develop slides that are engaging and communicate your ideas.

    Be sure to include the following in the presentation:
        A brief review of the website and the organizations social presence. Include an explanation of credibility markers on their website. Identify areas where they have used credibility markers well. Offer suggestions to ShareTheBread for adding credibility on their website and social media.
        Review the process of people donating money and time as a sales funnel using the example company as a reference. Briefly touch on how both paid and organic searches can help with the distinct stages in the funnel for ShareTheBread.
        Provide information on how a paid traffic campaign could work for ShareTheBreads website. Be sure to recognize that this organization is a non-profit, but that should not stop them from using paid ads. Share an example from the existing nonprofit that has successfully raised money online.
        Describe a sample paid ad campaign that you would recommend. Discuss why this would appeal to ShareTheBreads target donors.
        Review how this paid ad could be tracked through web analytics.
        Offer suggestions for improving ShareTheBreads organic search results. Include recommendations for on and off page optimization. Discuss the analytics involved in tracking this information.
        Review the value of email and personalizing the interaction with donors.

    7-9 SLIDES and include speaker notes

    Part 2 of the assignment

    In one Word document, create three sample emails to share with BreadShare as a separate deliverable:
        A welcome email for a first-time donor.
        A thank you email for a continuing donor.
        A seasonal email requesting donations that will go to anyone who has shared their email with the nonprofit by way of prior donation or interest in the organization.

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