The project must adhere to AP)PA 6th edition with proper grammar and sentence structure. Please only bid if you are confident in your skills. IN addition, will need to communicate well to ensure the accuracy of intent of the paper.
    Project instructions:
    Research Plan
    [Project Goal]
    With previous work complete (will provide to winning bid and this project will be a continuance of previous work -citations from previous works should be incorporated within this paper to adhere to APA 6th edition)  this paper will focus on a brief narrative that addresses the social change t(hat is indicated in previous chapters) that is needed to make or bring to the community in which connected.
    Explain briefly what this change is and why you want to see this change take place. If you see research question(s) are appropriate for your project, please write it/them.]

    [Project Methods]
    [Drawing from the goals you narrated, design an action plan for the project. design the research project.
    Provide as many details as possible in this plan.  Use a chart to map out a timeline of eight weeks. This plan will act as a guide. Prepare and write the logistical action plans to have a clear direction for the project.
    Once you have made the chart/table for the eight weeks, provide a rationale for the actions /plan on taking. This is where you will have to explain the method of the project.
    Use different methods that are commonly used in action research,  Find a way to explain why you are conducting your research in the way you have planned THAT is a method, Therefore, you need to support your method by giving reasons for its unique and appropriate nature for the project. NOTE:  The method will be in form of Surveys to participants and to community/partner agencies, along with observations, (Quantitative and Qualitative measurements). COMMUNICATION WITH WRITER WILL BE IMPORTANT IN THIS PIECE.
    Be sure to include who your research participants are, what you are actually doing, how you are carrying out the action and when this project took/taking (time frame) place.] WILL WORK WITH WRITER ON THIS)
    [Project Measurements]
        [In this section, you will have to describe what you are measuring in the project to provide results. In the design of your project plan, you may want to think about how you can measure the successes/failures of the proposed project. Once you have determined what to measure, you will have to explain how you will measure them. Like the section above, explain why you chose to measure what you want to measure and the methods with which you are measuring for projects outcome. Share the logic and thought process behind the measurements of the  project.]

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