Action paper

    this is a formal written report that explains what was done and why it was done. Your written analysis should lay out your ethical reasoning that shaped your perspective on this issue, detail the actions that you took, suggest what the impact of your action was, and reflect on what you learned about this issue and about social justice from the experience.

    The following is a list of questions/statements may help you complete the action paper:

    Provide a detailed accounting of your action

    How much time it took

    Why you selected this action as opposed to some other

    How the action affected you

    The responses you received to your action

    What impact you think your action had.

    One of the goals of this project is to enable you to gain a better sense of yourself as a moral agent. Reflections on your action can contribute toward the achievement of this goal.

    *** The service I did: before the coronavirus, I used to volunteer at Shepherd’s Hope every other Thursday for 5 hours. I used to help with translation, from English to Creole. I helped to check-in and checking out patience. I love helping others and that why I volunteer there.****

    Shepherd’s Hope helps the uninsured and underinsured in Central Florida raising awareness of the issues they face and providing access to free high quality, compassionate medical care. They help everyone get medical care with no fee.

    link to Shepherd’s Hope:


    Evaluation Criteria:

    The overall coherence of the social justice issue and the analysis. Was the action thought through and executed well and does the written analysis demonstrate this? Is the purpose of the action clear and was it appropriate for this course?
    Does the written analysis demonstrate sufficient breadth and depth on the issue addressed? Were there moral perspectives on the issue and does it treat those other perspectives fairly?
    Logical relationship between injustice and the action. Does the action taken reflect well the social justice perspective the analysis articulates?
    Insightfulness of the observations/conclusions. Do the observations/conclusions show the sense of social justice? Is there a sense of what the author learned through the experience and what contributed to or hindered that learning?
    Clarity. Does the paper have a clear sense of progression?
    Mechanics. Are the grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraph construction in good shape so that they contribute to the analysis and do not confuse the reader? Do they provide appropriate information? Does the bibliography or reference page follow proper format?

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