Currently, abortion is illegal in Morocco. Article 453 of the Penal Code prohibits abortion and only permits it in severe cases, such as rape, incest, or when the womans health is in danger. However, there is an on- going debate in Morocco whether a pregnant woman should be allowed to terminate her pregnancy if she so wishes. Do you think that a Moroccan woman should have the right to end her pregnancy or should abortion continue to be illegal?
    Answer this question in a five-paragraph research essay. You should have at least 3 arguments to support your position. Each argument should be presented in a separate paragraph in the body of your essay. In addition, you need to find 3 to 4 reliable sources to use as support for your arguments. Avoid plagiarism by summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing the relevant information before you integrate it into your essay. Also, make sure you cite the name of the author or organization (e.g., According to the World Health organization). At the end of your essay, list the references you utilized, providing details about the sources, such as the title of the article, the website address, the authors full name.
    First line of each paragraph is indented
    Essay includes introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion
    Punctuation is used correctly (period, commas, question mark, exclamation mark)
    Capital letters are used correctly
    Spelling is correct
    Grammar and sentence structure are appropriate
      Organization & Content
    General statements introduce essay topic effectively
    Thesis statement is clear and specific and includes a topic, controlling idea and subtopics Body (3 paragraphs)
    Paragraph begins with an effective topic sentence
    Each body paragraph contains a minimum of 5 supporting sentences Conclusion
    Restates thesis / summarizes main ideas

      In-text Citation / References
    Minimum of 3 sources used effectively as support
    One of the citations is a summary
    One of the citations is a quotation
    One of the citations is a paraphrase
    A reference list is placed at the end

    Note: Please do not copy-paste from the internet to avoid potential problems. I use a software program that detects plagiarism. Make an honest effort to write.

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