Please critically evaluate the Abortion Debate, you are either FOR or AGAINST Abortion, is it a violation of the Right to Privacy and 14th-Equal Protections clause or is it consistent with todays society. Please examine the pros and cons of your argument. Please be able to use statistics to support your research.
    5 Sources need for your research

    Papers must be a size 12 and Times Roman Font.  Papers must be a minimum of 7-8 double-spaced pages, not including the cover sheet, which should indicate the class, instructor name, and question.  There also should be a separate page for the bibliography of books used. APA Style
    Footnotes should be used to cite relevant quotes. Any plagiarism would result in an F grade.
    Your bibliography should include a number of books used a reference for your research. The books must be attached on a separate page at the end of the paper. It should look like this. Balkaran, Stephen. (1998) The Political Economy of American Politics. Praeger Press, Westport, CT.

    Essay Outline. 7-9 pages

    Pick a side, either for or against the subject. E.g. for The Abortion Debate. Please dont try to argue both sides, you will confuse yourself.

    Cover page. Your Name, my name, class POS 2041, and Final Exam Question in the Middle of the page

    Intro on the topic:  About the topic-Abortion, historical background of the Abortion debate in America.

    Political Impact on American Society. This should be page

    Body: Get at least 5 argument points, e.g. Abortion-Human Rights Issue, 2-Religion, 3-Unborn baby as a human being, 4-Moralism, 5- Safe homes-Houses centers and develop those arguments.  Each point should be 1 page

    Case Law. Griswold v Connecticut and Roe v Wade 1972. Look at the supreme court cases and the ruling. Right to choose and privacy

    Use Statistics to support your research paper. Please cite them

    Conclusion-1/2 page

    References. I need at least 5 sources.

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