A Brief History of Decision Support Systems

    Module 9 introduces you to Decision Support Systems. This week you will be investigating some of these concepts.

    Download this attached document and review the contents. A Brief History of Decision Support Systems.pdf

    Section IV discusses the development and evolution of Decision Support Systems and identifies several categories :

    Model Driven DSS
    Data Driven DSS
    Communications Driven DSS
    Document Driven DSS
    Knowledge Driven DSS
    Complete the following steps:
    Conduct some research and provide an example of a Decision Support System for each category.
    Explain what it is used for and identify the characteristics of the DSS that you used to classify it in that particular category.
    Include any links or citations supporting your analysis.
    You will be submitting this assignment through a Plagiarism detector tool called Turn it in. Turnitin is used for some of the assignments in this course. Once you submit your work, please look at the report that comes up, and make changes accordingly then resubmit your work until the due date. The higher the percentage, the greater the amount of text in the submission that was highlighted as matching against information in Turnitin’s repositories, including the internet. Anything above 36% will result in a grade of 0.

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