A 4-6 page essay on macroeconomics on their effect on the economy as a whole – using certain points.

    The prompt straight from the professor;

    The following is a list of topics to choose from:

        House sales discuss the rise and fall of the market in different regions

        Hyperinflation e.g. Zimbabwe, the Great Depression, etc.

        National savings rate of the USA.

        Agriculture and the effects of global warming

        Energy demands in the U.S. or China

        Fiscal policy differences regarding Democrats and Republicans

        Unemployment rates in various states

        What factors contribute the most to economic growth?

        In what ways does franchising contribute to an overall economy?

        The pros and cons of child labor in the globalized world.

        Developing nations and advancement of technology

        Emerging economy in India/Brazil/South Africa, etc.

        Paying for education in various countries

        Cleaning industrial pollution costs

        Legality of marijuana in the U.S.

        Cash and debit vs. buying with credit

    Start with an introduction page that establishes the topic and its importance, and gives some details and statistics (be sure to cite your sources).

    Discuss the topic with regard to its effect on the global or U.S. economy in the next two or three pages. Posit the arguments or the pros and the cons of the concepts being examined. How things might change about the concept in the near term?

    Conclude with a page or so conclusion that summarizes the topic, expresses any limitations in the literature you examined or information you feel you would need to expand upon or change your opinions, and where future research would need to go to deal with the issue at hand from here.

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