720 DB WK 2 Inside the Corporation

    Ahmed: Sections 6.1 -6.2
    Bartlett: Chapter 2
    Merida: The Wise Fool p.71-88
    Merida- Pages 129-163
    Read Inside the Coorporation (Attached)
    Read- Wise Fool Transcript ( Attached)

    Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
        Identify the reasons advanced data analytics is required in modern businesses.
        Evaluate how leadership within a company uses decision-making analytics.
        Describe how advanced analytics is utilized in a modern company.
        Describe why speed and accuracy of quality communication is important.
        Describe how moral leadership plays a part in business analytics.

    After completing the required reading, provide a CRITICAL ANALYSIS discussion using your own professional work experience and learning from the reading. At the post graduate level you are NOT to provide a summary but rather provide a critical thinking assessment of the topic.

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