5-1 Lab: Factors Affecting Reaction Rates

    Complete the following Carolina Biological lab:

    Factors Affecting Reaction Rates

    This investigation uses an iodine clock reaction to examine factors that affect reaction rate.

    Preparation (5 minutes)
    Activity 1: Calibration Tests (30 minutes)
    Activity 2: Concentration (60 minutes)
    Activity 3: Temperature (20 minutes)
    Activity 4: Catalyst (20 minutes)
    Activity 5: Determining the Rate Law (60 minutes)
    Read through the overview, objectives, and background information provided in the Factors Affecting Reaction Rates lab. Review the Safety procedures for this activity and look at what materials will be needed. Acquire the needed, but not supplied, materials.

    Prepare for the activity by reading through the entire set of instructions prior to starting.
    Set out all materials necessary for this activity that are listed in the Materials section in preparation to perform the activity.
    Make sure that you have set aside the necessary time to perform the activity. This is listed in the Time Requirements section.
    Perform the activity, following the instructions carefully. Complete the lab report, found in the Assignments and Guidelines section, and upload the lab report document when finished.

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