3 Individual project

    With your help, Healing Hands Hospital has a better understanding of payment systems reform and of the local competitors.  They are now focusing internally on preparing for a visit from the Joint Commission.  TJC accredits health care organizations to improve quality and safety of healthcare services.  Their Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals  (CAMH) includes standards and regulations on patient focused functions such as infection prevention and control, medication management, provision of care, treatment, and services, and rights and responsibilities of the individual; and standards on organization functions such as management of the environment of care, emergency management, human resources, management of information, life safety, medical staff, nursing, performance improvement, record of care, treatment, and services, and leadership.  

    Read more about these regulations here:  


    With the site visit in mind Mr. Magone has asked you to:
    Write 2 pages 400-550 words
    Describe one standard related to patient care and one standard related to managing the organization.Discuss the importance of these standards in terms of providing quality care to patients.What steps can Healing Hands Hospital take to ensure that it meets or exceeds expectations related to the standards?Why are government regulations and private regulations such as TJC necessary in healthcare?

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