2 journals assignments/simple

    2 journals assignments/simple

    Okay – so here's the deal.  A lot of you are having a really hard time explaining the HOW this will help your company and WHY we need it.  SO – here is your assignment. Write a 1-2 page paper (double spaced – you don't need references or cites or anything, but it DOES need to be your own work) explaining to yourself, your significant other, your mom, your kid – whomever….that you NEED this computer.  "It's an awesome computer" just won't do.  You need to really convince this person that this computer is vital to your success in some way or another.  You can find the computer here:


    As you can see, it is an awesome computer.  Many of you may be drooling as you read the specs.  Why do you NEED this computer?


    Journal 2:

    ·                   Using your preferred search engine, find a white paper ontelecommunications or telecommunication systems.

    ·                   Write a brief 300–400 word summary of the article you found.

    ·                   Include a citation for the white paper in APA format.


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