1984: India’s Guilty Secret & its relation to personal identity

    You will be required to write an 8-10 page, single-spaced, Literary Analytical Critique(not including bibliography). Your Literary Analytical Critique is required to be directly related to the course readings, the themes of the course ie. Multiculturalism, and your selected text. YourLiterary  Analytical  Critique must identify,  analyze,  and systematically integrate synthesis of a minimum of 4 additional outside sources into your critique. For each of your sources, you are to consider the particular type of source: primary, secondary or tertiary sources. Also, a blend of sources, with primary and secondary as the most valued sources, is important for supporting the development of a strong final paper.IMPORTANT: Your minimum of 4 outside academic sources MUST be in addition to the required assigned course readings but may be the same sources that you selected for prior assignments if they remain germane to the final assign

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